Friday, May 23, 2014

And So It Begins!- Online Selling with a Ton of Barriers

Welcome to Uniquelyleanna! I am so thrilled to bring you along on my adventures in online selling with more barriers than you shake a stick at!
Along the way, I will share some of my favorite thrifted finds along with tips and tricks to show you that you, too, can do it!
I'm tossing around the idea of sharing information regarding my profits and amount of work accomplished, but we shall see about that. ;)
In addition, you can expect information regarding how I, personally, manage to generate income by selling online with multiple chronic illnesses and an insane latex allergy.
Soon you'll be able to read about how my family and I ended up where we are in life on the About Me page. It's been quite the journey, but lets just say most mornings I wake up and say "Hello, brain! I am SO happy to see you again this morning!" When you don't recall the vast majority of two years of your life, every day you wake up and can think straight is a blessing. :)

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