Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why We Downgraded Our eBay Store (And We're Ba-ack!)

Our sincerest apologies for the hiatus from the website!
While our website is a baby, it's been on the back burner to get going as we moved (again!) and have been working feverishly on remodeling as well as shuffling around our "eggs."
Recently we took a cold, hard look at our eBay sales. Our sales have not been anywhere near what they should be.
In fact, we accidentally had our entire store for half off for a weekend and had one measly sale. That's one sale, out of over 650 items, all half off. For an entire weekend! We had intended for about 25 items to be half off and the rest of the store 15% off, but thanks to eBay bugs and technical issues, the entire store was half off. Since we still would profit, we left it as it was and braced for lots of cha-chings over that weekend!
eBay problems!
We've followed eBay's recommendations, consulted numerous times with reps, made use of the free consultations for eBay store owners, and there was one thing we kept hearing: "You're doing everything right."
Well, since we were "doing everything right" according to eBay, shouldn't sales have been more than 1%?
Mr. Uniquelyleanna called in and got our store downgraded to the basic store. Leanna was feeling like a slave to eBay, working a minimum of 8 hours per day on eBay, and we were just plain spinning our wheels!
After all of the technical issues and security breaches eBay has had this year, we strongly suspect that buyers are losing confidence in eBay. As buyers and sellers, we certainly are! The financial reports don't lie- both ours and eBay's!
We will always sell on eBay, [Later edit: We won't touch eBay with a ten-foot pole now, with the exception of pricing research!] but we have recently shifted a lot to Instagram and are working on building etsy up again. With another shipment to send in to Amazon FBA and things moving there, we aren't worried. Rather, we are relieved! We don't work for eBay, and it felt like we were working full time for a boss that paid peanuts!
Please don't take this as an eBay bashing, it is simply our experience.
Well, what do you think? If you sell on eBay, how are your sales?

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