Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to Use Bubble Wrap Correctly (Shipping for Dummies)

PBubble Wrap: In or Out?ost #2 in our Shipping for Dummies series covers bubble wrap!
Bubble wrap. It seems like such a simple, straightforward shipping product- right? Wrong. Ish.
Sure, some people will just grab a bunch of bubble wrap, throw it around a fragile item, and consider it done. But there's  a bit more to it than that!
If your product has any protruding pieces, it needs a little more TLC. Cut some bubble wrap down to size and carefully wrap, wrap, wrap until the protrusion is cushiony softness!
The most important thing to remember when using bubble wrap, though, is that the bubbles go inward, not out! The rationale is pretty simple, though I understand how easy it is overthink these sorts of things.
The bubbles in a sheet of bubble wrap are designed to make that satisfying little popping noise for a reason! Let's say your antique vase has been carefully bubble wrapped and is on the way to a new owner. You've taken plenty of care in ensuring it arrives safely, but once it leaves your hands you can't do much more! This is where it is important to ensure you have packaged your product in preparation to be thrown across the room like a football then dropped on the floor.
Let's say a 50 pound package is placed on top of your package. (Oh no, right?!?!?) It happens.
This places stress on the top edges of the box, which then places stress on top of the filler inside the box, then the box around your vase, and finally the bubble wrap starts to feel it! At this point, some bubbles may start bursting. That's ok- that's what they are there for! Just remember, the bubbles are there to protect your item- not the packaging!
Bubbles on the inside is the way to go. The bubbles go closest to the items they are protecting.

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