Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ten Reasons to Buy from Us

1. As I write this I am literally in a detox bath attempting to flush latex out of my system and avoid either a day in the bathroom or using my only epi pen and a trip to the ER... Which would leave me out of commission for at least a week due to the exposure at the ER. So when I say the money is going to a good cause, it's so that I can live. (I fought two years for disability without one hearing, and going to a hearing would absolutely end me in the ER. I was tired of risking my life to prove that my life was at risk every day! I would rather have next to nothing and be alive than leave my dear hubby with money and be dead. If it sounds extreme, welcome to my life!)
2. We are about as transparent as you get. See previous post!
3. We love our customers to pieces!
4. We will work with you to meet you at your budget.
5. All profits go towards supporting a small, home-based business that wants nothing more than to shower the world in love and for me to stay safe and alive.
6. If you give us a list of items and a budget, we will do everything we can to find exactly what you want- within your budget!
7. You are helping to stop the cycle of waste! Almost everything we offer and find is secondhand, though some items are new. You are making a difference in the fight for the survival of Planet Earth!
8. We gift wrap for free and send packages whenever (and wherever!) your heart desires!
9. It will make you feel good to know that you are both getting what you want AND making a difference in the world!
10. Your business means the world to us!

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