Saturday, January 24, 2015

Why We Stopped Using the FOMO Method- Sort Of

Why we stopped using the FOMO methodThe FOMO method has allowed use to ship hundreds of items at an affordable cost. This method of shipping breakables essentially consists of bubble wrapping a mug or fragile item, cutting cardboard to wrap around it, then popping it in a Padded Flat Rate Envelope for under $6.
It saved us a ton of money on shipping! We never had any breakage... Until we moved to our new home.
All of the sudden we had 3 or 4 items broken. When you consider the fact that we have shipped thousands of items and have had perhaps 6 broken items ever (including these), that's a crazy high rate of breakage! Something wasn't right.
Naturally we refunded immediately and filed claims, which the USPS summarily denied for no good reason. So insurance with USPS... Pfft. We won't be paying extra for their insurance ever again.
Anywho, Mr. Uniquelyleanna chatted with the local post office head dude who investigated. He found that an employee was placing all Padded Flat Rate Envelopes in the wrong machine, which was munching on the envelopes and breaking anything in it.
While we are happy that the issue was addressed, what would prevent this from happening somewhere else?
Nothing would prevent this from happening in any other post office. Nothing.
The only thing we can do about it is to stop using the method. While we use a variation of the method to pack things for safety, we now send almost everything in boxes. It's not worth the risk, and now that the USPS has proven to us how worthless their insurance is, breakage would leave us with even emptier pockets!
It's a very disappointing turn of events, but as small business owners who take responsibility for the mistakes of others and for events completely out of our control, it's a necessary step to ensure our customers receive happy mail- not sad mail!
So before you ship breakable items FOMO, I strongly urge you to consider which is more important to you- saving a few bucks now, or the happiness of your customers. We choose our customers. We ALWAYS choose our customers!

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