Sunday, February 1, 2015

Ten Ways to Be an Awesome Instagram Shopper

IMG_3683.JPGIf you haven't already learned for yourself, shopping on Instagram is pretty stinking fun! From fashion accessories to Mid Century Modern decor, you can find just about anything you want here!
1. Follow the Shop Rules
Since IG shops all have their own rules with no regulating authority, it's important to remember to check out an individual shop's rules post. While most rules are fairly standard, you can't assume that the rules are the same across all shops. If you are following a sale and think you might spot something to purchase, it's a good idea to read through the shop rules at the start of a posting.
2. Pay on Time
You may be surprised that some Instagram shop owners may rely on your payment to pay their bills, so be sure to do everything you can to pay your invoice on time. If you don't see it in your inbox, be certain to look through your spam folder. Contact the seller if you still can't find it.
In cases in which you may not be able to pay for a short time, be sure to contact the seller before you claim (or as part of your claim) to ask if you can't still claim.
3. Communicate
Life happens. Sometimes it simply can't be avoided. Unexpected bills come up, credit cards get hung up in snafus, and sometimes you just plain change your mind. Whenever something happens to hold up your payment, be sure to let the shop owner know as soon as you can. Most are incredibly understanding and will be more concerned about you than than the money. Assume the best and remember: honesty is always the best policy!
4. Share!
One of the most important ways Instagram shops gain more followers is by word of mouth. Sharing a picture of your Happy Mail, a new favorite item at the shop, or sharing a business card with a friend helps more than you know!
Posting a picture tagging your favorite Instagram stores will make shop owners over the moon happy!
5. Be Respectful
While some Instagram shop owners make their living selling online, most do not. They have families, kids, work, hobbies, and housework just like you do. As such, it's good to keep in mind that their time is limited, and an Instagram shop is a lot more work than it looks like!
6. Be Friendly
Compliment the shop owner, stop in and say hello, or send a direct message asking if an IG shop owner is feeling better after sick. Just as you would talk to a friend, don't hesitate to cultivate friendships with IG shop owners!
7. Understand Shipping Is Expensive
Shipping quotes do take time to calculate, so asking for twenty shipping quotes on things you know are heavy when you only have $5 to spend probably isn't the best idea. Shipping can be very high, but the closer you live to an IG shop owner, the more reasonable shipping costs will be.
Simply stating something such as "Thank you so much for the shipping quote! Unfortunately that prices it out of my budget right now, so I'll have to pass" after receiving a shipping quote is a great way to let a shop owner you value their time but can't make the purchase at this time.
8. Be Understanding
Just as you expect understanding from an IG shop owner if something comes up, offer that same understanding yourself.
9. Ask Questions
We all forget things now and then, and that includes shop owners! Key information is left out of descriptions, detail pictures fail to upload, responses don't go through, and tags are missed sometimes. Assume the best and simply ask! It never hurts to ask, and no one can catch all of their mistakes!
For purchases that are gifts and must be shipped within a specific time period, don't forget to ask if the package will arrive in time before you officially claim. Some people are only able to ship once a week.
10. Have Fun!
Shopping and selling on Instagram is an experience! Crack jokes, play around, and comment when you think something is pretty. Reminisce about your childhood. Just have fun! You never know when someone may need that little extra something to help get them through the day.
As you can see, there are all sorts of things you can do to be a fantastic, and valued, customer on Instagram. Doing some of these things just might land you some little extras in your Happy Mail, or the chance to get a chance to purchase a sought after item before anyone else. Instagram shop owners don't get rich off of what they do, so showing them some love is always appreciated! After all , love makes the world go 'round!


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